How to Create Mudroom Shoe Storage Bins with Style

Jun 22, 2021 | DIY, Living Spaces, Mudroom, Organization | 10 comments

This DIY mudroom shoe storage solution is the absolute best way to hide your family’s shoes and give your mudroom some fabulous classic style.


I started planning for a mudroom refresh back before the kids got out of school. I keep getting caught up on some of the details. But one thing I know, without a doubt, is that I want to update the shoe storage. 

Mudroom Shoe Storage - white and black - lattice storage

My Favorite Ways to Store Shoes in a Mudroom

I like clutter to be hidden as much as humanly possible. My brain just can’t handle the chaos of clutter. However, as usual the storage needed to be both functional and easy on the eyes.


Great for spaces where you don’t need custom sizing, baskets add some lovely texture to a space while being super practical for shoe storage. I would just look for good quality baskets that are rigid and not floppy. Shoe storage gets a beating! And you want your baskets to hold up to anything your family can throw at it.

Below are some of my favorite baskets for shoe storage (click image to go to the source).

Mudroom Shoe Storage - basket
Mudroom Shoe Storage - neutral basket
Mudroom Shoe Storage - white and neutral basket


I chose DIY bins for my space because I prefer a custom fit and I’m no stranger to wood working projects. I was having a difficult time finding matching baskets for both sides of the bench. One side has smaller openings than the other.

Mudroom Shoe Storage - white and black - lattice storage

How to Make Shoe Cubbies Without Compromising Your Style

These DIY shoe storage bins are a simple project.

Step One: Build a Box

I used wood I had on hand to build the original boxes. There is nothing fancy about the box. You’re only going to see the front. I just nailed it together with wood glue and my finish nailer. They are super sturdy.

Mudroom Shoe Storage - updated shoe bins - wood trim

Step Two: Add Trim to Box Front

I chose a lattice design for this refreshed and updated look. First I needed to add top and bottom trim. Then I used these wood strips, cut to length and nailed in place. I did not use any glue for this, since I was going to end up with a layered design.

Mudroom Shoe Storage - square lattice trim
Mudroom Shoe Storage - square lattice detail
Mudroom Shoe Storage - square lattice trim detail

Step Three: Paint to Match

I only caulked around the perimeter of the new trim, so it had a nice clean look. Then, I painted everything with the same color as the mudroom bench and all the trim in my home – Sherwin Williams Pure White. There’s no sugar coating this step, it was tedious x 4.

Mudroom Shoe Storage - white painted lattice trim
Mudroom Shoe Storage - white painted lattice trim

Step Four: Add Finishing Touches

Originally I had installed drawer pulls on the bins, but they are literally never used. So I am undecided on if I will be adding a new pull.

I added felt pads to the bottom of the bins, so they can slide across the wood floor without damaging it.

For this update, I plan to add drawer glides to the bottoms and attach them to the floor. To hopefully make it easier for everyone to CLOSE. THE. BINS. A girl can dream.

Mudroom Shoe Storage - white mudroom - lattice storage
Mudroom Shoe Storage - white mudroom - lattice storage
Mudroom Shoe Storage - updated lattice storage
Mudroom Shoe Storage - updated lattice storage

 In Case You Needed Further Reasons to Tackle This Project

  • These DIY wood bins have been the absolute best way to store our shoes.
  • They hold so many shoes, more then we probably need to have in the mudroom at once.
  • The sturdiness has held up to my family’s abuse for almost 8 years now.
  • They keep the shoes out of sight and hidden away.

…well in a perfect world, where my kids don’t just leave all their shoes sitting in front of the bins…In my world, I’m constantly putting the shoes back into the bins…

  • And lastly, they are now both practical and beautiful.

Mission accomplished.

Mudroom Shoe Storage Bins2


  1. Janet Lorusso

    I bow to your DIY greatness, Amie! These are super cute AND functional, what an excellent solution!

    • Amie Druehl

      LOL! Thank you! Sometimes it’s the only way to get what you want!

    • Amie Druehl

      Thank you so much! I’m really happy with this update.

  2. Lisa A Peck

    What a great DIY project! Clever and pretty.

    • Amie Druehl

      Thanks! I’m excited to see them with the new mudroom updated look!

  3. Leslie Carothers

    Hi Amie: What a great DIY project tutorial. Thanks for the idea, but I hear you on the kids always leaving their shoes outside the bins – LOL!

    I wonder if having the bins on casters [ concealed? ] might help since it would make them easier to move?

    It’s probably too late for that, but if I were to tackle this project, I think I would think about adding those.

    • Amie Druehl

      That is a great idea…The slides work similarly. I’m kinda thinking a slow close drawer guide might be m solution. Although I have yet to give it a test run. But I will most definitely keep the caster idea in mind. I have casters on crates in my pantry and they do work very well.Thank you Leslie!

  4. Sheri Bruneau

    Oh my goodness these are fantastic! You are the DIY queen – and I bow down to you!

    • Amie Druehl

      Oh my goodness, thank you! I’m not afraid of a project that’s for sure!


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