Mudroom Update in Time for the Summer Madness

May 15, 2021 | Design, Kitchen, Living Spaces, Moulding, Mudroom | 5 comments

A mudroom update full of ideas for giving this hardworking space some much needed love before Summer hits and it goes into overdrive!


I’m itching to start a new project! I have been dreaming and planning for two spaces, our mudroom and the upstairs hall bathroom. Both need some love, but both spaces have some design obstacles that I still have not nailed down a solution to.

I’m probably closer to completing the design plan for the mudroom…maybe…Ha! And what better time than to get it done before Summer madness? Does a mudroom really ever get down time?


A little back story on the mudroom. It was supposed to be a bathroom. But bathrooms near kitchens kind of gross me out (sorry if you have one!). So when we were building this house I decided to make that area a mudroom and we moved the powder room down to our lower level.

Mudroom Update - mudroom bench

I love the mudroom and it was the absolute best solution for our family. It is a workhorse and it is showing the wear and tear.


I need to do some basic maintenance in this space. Like re-caulk and paint the bench. But there are also some needs to fulfill, mostly so the poor space can better handle the traffic it gets. But of course, I need to make it both pretty and functional.

Mudroom Update - messy

The two three main things that need to be addressed are:

  • The wall to the right as you come in through the garage – it gets beat up because it’s somewhat of a tight space.
Mudroom Update - garage door niche

To resolve this issue and give the walls some added protection,  I’m thinking I will do some kind of paneling in the door cove.

Mudroom Update - niche wood trim
Mudroom Update - niche shiplap

Source: Home Bunch

  • Another aspect that needs addressed is this same garage entry wall continues into the kitchen, specifically the pantry wall. This is the only wall in the entire kitchen that I can add a little pizazz to.
Mudroom Update - angles wall
Mudroom Update - kitchen view
Mudroom Update - wallpaper

I’m playing with the idea of wallpaper but having a hard time finding one that balances the buffalo check wall (that my husband says I am not allowed to change because he loves it…that’s ok I don’t want to change it either!).

Mudroom Update - buffalo check accent wall

Ignore the messy kitchen…also a workhorse!

  • Lastly, the shoe bins. I made these years ago. But they are a little tricky and are destroying the supports under the bench. At the time, I couldn’t find baskets that would fit the spaces. But now I want to figure out a better solution to the heavy wood bins. Perhaps something soft or built in.
Mudroom Update - shoe bins
Mudroom Update - mudroom bench damage


Lesser things on the list are: 

  • New space for the dog food and water.
Mudroom Update - dog station idea

Such a posh little puppers! Source: Kristin Peake Interiors


  • New wall treatment(s)
  • Upgrade the look of the ceiling
Mudroom Update - decorative ceiling

I mean…seriously pretty ceiling! Source: Carla Aston Interiors

  • Slight update to the décor, but very simplified since there’s always so much already going on in this space with backpacks, jackets and all the crapola that gets dumped in there! HA!

I also might have one or two more ideas up my sleeve…{such a tease}

Mudroom Update - Pin it!

There is a fair amount to tackle in such a small space. The toughest thing will be to get it done before my kids are out of school. Only two weeks! Not likely to happen.

But perhaps I can get a good start on the foundational things and then just have smaller projects to tackle in the slower mornings of Summer. That’s my thought process anyway.

Maybe I’ll try to put together a mood board for what I am thinking…but this one might be a jump in “blind” kind of project. Follow along to see the progress (subscribe to get new posts delivered to you using the form below)! And catch the behind the scenes over on Insta here.


  1. Janet R Lorusso

    I can’t wait to see where you land with this – it’s already a great mudroom, but your ideas to level it up are going to be fantastic! And your ceiling inspo pic from Carla? That is one of my all time favorite pantries!

  2. Leslie Carothers

    Hi Amie: You have such a pretty home already, but I know how it is to want to make it even *more.* I am looking forward to following the progress of these two spaces.


  3. Lisa A Peck

    I really like the horizontal stripes and your inspiration for your projects.

  4. Christie Adams

    This is so exciting! I love following along and especially love that you will incorporate a spot for your dog’s food and water!

  5. Mary Ann Benoit

    Lots of great ideas. Look forward to seeing the transformation.


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