I cannot believe it’s time for the Better Homes and Gardens Fall 2020 One Room Challenge! Last Spring, I participated in my first challenge and absolutely loved it. So, I’m super excited to get going once again.

Back in the Spring, I was planning to give our office some attention, then COVID hit and my husband suddenly needed to move into that space for work-from-home. That was back when we thought it would be temporary. Well, it became very apparent that it was going to be long term and possibly indefinite. We were so close to starting the office that we were even at Ikea planning the arrangement on the day everything shut down.

So, the office is finally getting the overhaul it needs. This is what the room looked like last time I got it all cleaned up back in 2018. And the little one had already gotten her hands on it with some sort of craft debris on the floor.

My husband has lived worked in our small little office for the the last 7 months in all it’s overflow-stash-it-in-the-office glory. I even moved the one bit of organization it had, a book shelf, up to my daughters room when I designed her room for the Spring One Room Challenge. So, it was looking extra special in there. My poor husband had to jack-up the old kids deck to a more comfortable height for him to work, using scrap wood. It was quite a sight.

Here are the before photos, when I was trying to make it work with what we had, and before the room exploded with the overflow mess. Oh yes, it got worse. I didn’t get a photo of that aftermath, but I’m sure you can picture it. I apologize in advance for the pain this will cause your eyes. I’m not proud. This is real life…HA!

Have your eyes recovered? Please take a moment…

My main goal for this space is to not only make it a functional office for my husband, but to also make room for me to have my own desk space – since my office has been at the kitchen table for far too long…for years actually.

Here are some ideas I have for this space:

  • Built-in desk
  • Hide the printer and clutter in said built-ins (this is always a goal of mine. I cannot handle visual clutter)
  • Add upper storage (storage, storage, and more storage)
  • Add architectural interest (I’ve been focusing on this in my spaces for over a year now)
  • Make the back wall/corner the showstopper (since this is what you see from the entry, through the french doors)

I’ll be sharing more about the details of the design in the coming weeks. For now, I leave you with the design board. I am super pleased with how this come out and can’t wait to see it come to life.

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