One Room Challenge: Choosing A Paint Color (Week Two)

May 13, 2020 | Bedroom, DIY, Kids Room, One Room Challenge | 0 comments

Welcome back to the Spring One Room Challenge Week Two! Last week I shared the overall design plan for the little one’s bedroom. You can check that out here.

This week, her room got a much needed paint job! The goal for this space was to calm-the-color-down…yikes.

When we moved into this home, it started out as a solid aqua (which was the same color of her nursery in our old home). But, over the years, I wasn’t happy with how it had morphed from nursery to toddler to big girl room. So I started adding elements, but with no real plan in place, and that got messy real quick.

So, let’s revisit the lovely before…in all it’s glory. This pic really captures the chaos perfectly.

When selecting the color I was looking for something much lighter and in a warm gray tone. I wanted to keep it very neutral so it would (hopefully) last through the coming years and allow us to just change up the accessories as she gets older.

Here are the four colors I was considering.


I ultimately went with Behr Irish Mist because when I plopped that color into my design board it played very nice with the rest of the plan. I know you probably wanted a deeper explanation. But that truly was my deciding factor…and I just love how the color translates in these inspiration photos from one of my favorite blogs.

Young House Love

Young House Love

Alright. So here’s the before once again.

And the after.



So much better! Clean slate to get this room looking fabulous.

The plan for next week is to prep the wall behind her bed for wallpaper (possibly start hanging it!) and bring in the accent pieces that have arrived and those pieces that will be repurposed in this room. I’m hoping some stores start opening back up soon so I can pick out the fabric for her window and window seat. I do like some options from Etsy, so I just need to make up my mind on if I’m willing to keep waiting for in-store. I better get on that!

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