Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021 For the Mom Who Loves Her Abode

Apr 24, 2021 | Gift Guide | 12 comments

Mother’s Day Gift Guides full of ideas for the mom in your life who adores everything home decor. Thoughtful gifts she will actually love!


Are you racking your brain for gift ideas for the mama in your life? It can be tough to hone in on a gift that tells someone just how much they mean to you. I think any gift that shows you’ve been paying attention is perfection. So, if you have a mom that absolutely loves her home (and the people in it), I have some awesome ideas for you…whether she’s a homebody or outdoor loving gal!

Most of these ideas are tried and true loves of mine personally. Some I have my eyes on..wink wink to my family.

Mother’s Day gift guide for the homebody

Let’s explore some awesome gifts for the mom that loves her casa, abode, home…where ever her heart dwells!

Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Homebody 2021

1. I found this mug on a Target run that no doubt was for something not even close to filling the need for a mug! But I love it so much. Who doesn’t need a daily reminder of their awesomeness? It’s a nice big mug with a very comfortable handle. I know you’re thinking “a mug for home decor?” I used to hide all our mugs in the cupboard, but recently decided to display them easily on the counter with this rack . So give me all the cute mugs!

2. I love a good bit of whimsical in my decor and this little lady is perfection on my nightstand. Pair her with a lovely little plant and you’ve got a gift she is sure to love!

House Plants in decor

3. I stumbled upon this book in one of my many researching escapades and just had to have it. It is such a lovely little book to learn facsinating facts about common household items, but is also so beautifully designed you can display it proudly. It is currently on my nightstand, so I can flip through it before bed.

4. The hubs and I recently upgraded our barware game and these beautiful coupe glasses are one of my favorite finds. They are perfect to display in glass front cabinets.

5. For the blue and white decor lover, this stunning vase is a showstopper. Put her favorite flowers (like tulips…my personal fav) in it and you have a truly lovely gift.

6. This cute little Etsy find says it all and I fell in love with it. Such a perfect daily affirmation, for now in particular! It is a kit. So you can give it as a little craft to do, or make it yourself and give it completed.

7. & 9. I added these European style bread boards to a little corner in my kitchen where I needed a pretty place for the toaster to hang out permanently. I normally do not like appliances out on my counter, but this mama was going batty over the amount of times our old toaster was brought out in a day…and not always put back! So I upgraded to this much prettier toaster and now have this lovely little spot for the carb lovers in my family.

mothers day gift guide 2021-pretty toaster

8. I use these Turkish hand towels in our powder room and absolutely love the way they look, but also how they function. They dry very quickly and clean up so well…and they have been tested time and time again! Sometimes I have no idea what my little one has on her hands, but it always ends up on these towels…if only I could get her to wash her hands first!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for outdoor living

Now let’s checkout some fun gifts for the mama that loves to hangout in her favorite outdoor space. Several of these I’m looking forward to adding to my patio…once the weather finally decides to stay warm.

Mother's Day gift guide 2021

1. I have my eyes on these cute garden markers for my vegetable garden, perfect for the mama that loves to nurture her garden.

2. I love the texture of this doormat for a welcoming front door. I tend to steer clear of trendy decor in favor of classic pieces that work through all seasons. This one is spot on!

3. I absolutely love the interest and texture added with these gorgeous planters. These are definitely in my cart! A pretty trio when clustered together to showoff her favorite annuals. 

4. I use this garden stool as a side table for our chaise lounge on the patio. A classic design that adds some character to an otherwise bare spot and functions perfectly for beverages while chillin’.

5. Does any mother not love pillows? This is such a great outdoor pillow to add some color to her favorite outdoor space. I love it for a converstion area, but it would be nice on a rocker or bench as well.

6. Totally revamp her outdoor space with this classic rug. She will love how it anchors her outdoor room and how easily to cleans up!

7. This gorgeous umbrella will give her all day shade so she never has to leave her favorite spot. I adore the fringe detail!

8. These amazing lanterns would be gorgeous clustered amongst landscaping. What a fun way to add ambient lighting. I’m trying to find a spot to cluster a few in the trees, but equally as nice to have one resting on a table.

9. Another pretty outdoor pillow, because why not? This block print pillow definitely creates the feel of a “room” in her outdoor living space. So gorgeous.

There you have it. Eighteen gift ideas to spoil the mom in your life! I will be doing more of these gift guides in the future, as I know for me I have a hard time finding things that suite my more classic style. So, be sure to subscribe to my emails so you don’t miss any fun posts! You can subscribe using the form below.








  1. Carla Aston

    These are great gift ideas! I love the Grecian statue planter. My daughter would actually love that. She’s a boho apartment dweller with tons of plants! Thx for the idea!

  2. Leslie Carothers

    I love those garden markers, Amie. There are so many good ideas here for Moms. Thanks for making it easy for us to shop!

  3. Christie

    I want every single thing in your post!! Great round up for Mother’s Day!!

  4. Janet Lorusso

    So many great ideas, Amie! Everyone needs a ceramic garden stool or three in their life…so versatile!

  5. Carole

    I love the lady head planter! And I had a client asking me about euro bread boards – great resource. Thanks!

  6. Mary Ann Benoit

    Great gift ideas! Love the planter and the beautiful blue and white vast.

  7. Lisa A Peck

    So many beautiful ideas, I think I need to share this post with my family!

  8. Sheri Bruneau

    Great selections! I love the planter head!


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