Master Bathroom Remodel: Reveal!

Mar 6, 2021 | Bathroom, DIY, Master Bathroom, Moulding | 10 comments

I am so excited to share the master bathroom remodel reveal! Woot woot! I had been dreaming of a beautiful new bathroom for years and now that it’s done, we are loving it.

We started this remodel at the very beginning of July 2020, you can read about that in this post. We decided rather suddenly to jump into the project after many discussions about wanting to upgrade the bathroom, but also when would be the best time to do so. As our kids are getting older, we are starting to think about whether we will stay in this house for the long haul, or downsize. Ultimately, my husband and I decided we wanted to do it now, so we could enjoy it.

Our Master Bathroom Before & After

June 2013

June 2018


Every time I walk into this space, I am overjoyed.

The Evolution of Our Master Bathroom

When we built this home, I was adamant about having a smaller bathroom…I shared my feelings about that in this postThe size is perfect. The layout is great. But the finishes just missed the mark. It took us almost 8 years to slowly grow into this space and realize what exactly wasn’t working.

I did a phase one for the master bathroom project with paint and talked about it in this post. I was happy with that simple and inexpensive solution. The space stayed that way for two years, almost exactly, while I kept dreaming about how I wanted it to look one day.

The Lowdown on the Upgrades

The footprint of the master bathroom stayed the same. We did not move any walls. However, we did replace almost everything! We wanted an entirely different, high-end look in the space…so everything had to go.

The Vanity

I just love this vanity. For a non-custom option, it is very well done and is holding up well. You cannot beat the price which includes the marble counter top!

The Shower Layout

I’ve always liked the walk in shower design. There were just a few problems that I discussed in this blog postNow it is so beautiful. I absolutely love the simple subway tile and the upgraded waterfall shower head with sliding sprayer. So much easier to keep the space clean! We also added a blue tooth speaker/light/fan that has been a huge hit and I’m thinking of incorporating it into the other bathrooms as well.

Who spied my husbands Christmas present from my parents? Hint: It’s a humorous “body” wash. HA!

The Tile

I shared all about the tile selections in this blog post. I could not be happier with the marble look floor tile. It is so clean and beautiful. It gives a luxurious feel without all the upkeep (and cost!) of real marble.

The Trim Work

And the show stopper…the trim work! I was in love with the space with all the other upgrades, but when the trim went in…oh my goodness there are no words. It took the space to five star status! More about the trim in this blog post.

The Water Closet

We really didn’t touch the water closet at all. I decorated this space years ago (more on that soon!) and still absolutely love the look. We did, however, replace the toilet with the world’s best toilet…Ha! Who would have thought a toilet could be life changing? This girl, right here. Our contractor assured me that a new toilet would solve all our problems, and he was not wrong!

My Side of the Vanity

I decided that since this is really the only wall to decorate in the entire master bathroom, that it needed to be simple but impactful.  I replaced the towel ring with a beautiful DIY acrylic bar. I needed it to be fairly small and could not find one ready-made, so I went back to my roots and did a DIY.  I love being able to say I made something myself. Then I hung simple stacked art, using a piece that was already in the space and a DIY abstract (more on that soon!).

His Side of the Vanity

My husbands side of the vanity has a very narrow little wall. So I kept it simple and added a brass hook for his hand towel.

Towel Hooks

In our old bathroom, the towels were hung behind the door, really the only place to put them. No need to change what is working here. So I just updated to the brass hooks.

There’s also a hook outside the shower for easy access to our towel. When not in use, this hook is where we hang our towel mat to dry.

Final Thoughts

When I walk into this space, it brings a smile to my face. Everyone should have a space that does! It was a spur of the moment project (due to contractor availability), that was dreamt about for years. Being renovation newbies, it was a messy project to live through. But so worth it. Now we have the master bathroom of our dreams and we get to enjoy it for years to come (or until we downsize…wink wink.)

Master Bathroom Sources

Full list of items used in the master bathroom remodel HERE!

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Catch up on the Master Bathroom Remodel

Thank you!

I really appreciate you all for following along on this master bathroom remodel (and reveal!). It is always my hope that it will inspire you to rethink your own spaces, because everyone deserves a home they love!







  1. Anne DeCocco

    Your bathroom is now such a classic beauty. You did a spectacular, thoughtful job!

  2. Lisa A Peck

    Your bathroom turned out beautifully! It’s inspiring to see the change that can be achieved without moving walls. I am sure you will enjoy it very much.

  3. Janet R Lorusso

    Such a fabulous redo, Amie! And so smart to do it in time to enjoy it before you sell!

    • Amie Druehl

      Thank you! I dislike doing updates just to sell a house. Had to do that once and it was a bummer to say the least.

  4. Sheri Bruneau

    This is such a beautiful space! A good old ‘out with the old and in with the new’ can make such an impact (with no walls changing). Well done!

    • Amie Druehl

      Thank you Sheri! I appreciate your kind words.

    • Amie Druehl

      Thank you so much! We love it!


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