Master Bathroom Remodel: Demo, Tile, and More Tile

Feb 3, 2021 | Bathroom, DIY, Living Spaces, Master Bathroom | 8 comments

It’s time for the master bathroom remodel demo day! Can I just say that demo day is the best day ever! HA! I’ve never lived through demo, just watch and admire it on television mostly. My husband is always saying that it looks like fun to tear things apart…and goodness it does. Talk about some stress relief.

If you missed it, you can see the master bathroom remodel design plan here.

Our contractor was impressive and did all the demo in one day. I kept peeking in for progress updates and it was truly amazing. Especially when you are ready to see it all gone! Now the space is a fresh start.

Master Bathroom Remodel: Demo (Goodbye to the Old)


All the floor and shower tile was removed. This is where I got so excited…Ha! I know I’m weird. That arch is going to be squared off. I didn’t know the builder was going to put the arch there. It is the only arch in the space. Why do they do such things?

This is where the vanity goes. New lights are coming and the plumbing and lights need to move to be inline with the new vanity.

The water closet is staying the same, except new flooring and a new toilet.

Master Bathroom Remodel: All New Tile (Yeah Baby!)

I wanted a clean and upgraded look for the master bathroom remodel…a luxurious feel…like a grand hotel. Perhaps a bit like our hotel on our visit to London. We are the the king and queen of this home so we deserve some luxury, right?

The Shower

The shower is the only place we did a little reworking of the layout. The old shower had a ledge on the plumbing wall that created issues. I am convinced it was due to the shower head not fully clearing the ledge. So we had standing water on the ledge and just under the ledge on the floor of the shower.

I also wanted to include an adjustable sprayer in the new shower to make cleaning it so much easier, but that ledge was in the way. So we decided to demolish that ledge and create a niche on the opposite wall, so it would not collect water. The small niche is a foot rest for shaving.


Sticking with the classic look, I chose traditional white subway tile for the walls and a black hex for the floor. Both have black grout. I have always loved the look of subway tile and it is a very economical choice. The black floor will hopefully disguise the inevitable grime from dirty feet…ew.

The black and white color scheme is in keeping with the design of the water closet, since I still love that space so much.

The Floor

The flooring was an easy selection for me. I knew I wanted a marble look, without the cost and upkeep of marble. I selected a polished marble look porcelain. My contractor warned me against polished, noting how slippery it can be, but I was not dismayed…Ha!

The floor has warm grey grout.

Master Bathroom Remodel: Solution for the Walls

Back in phase one of this space, I had painted the lower portion of the walls white to make all the doors blend in better. This worked well, so when I was planning for this new space, I knew I wanted to keep with all one color. If I chose something other than the trim color, I was going to paint the doors and baseboard as well.

A while ago, I did a little mini-makeover of a bump out in our master bedroom. I have not shared about this until now! I have been working little by little on our master bedroom. The bump out is prominent and the first thing you see when you walk into our room, so I wanted to make it stand out. After much debating, I decided to get my saw out and add some trim to it.

And my, oh my, did it elevate the space. It’s is just gorgeous. I have plans to continue the look onto at least the rest of the window wall. I am still debating on if I want to add the trim to more of the room beyond that.

Please forgive the bad iPhone pics.

Back to the bathroom. While the contractor was still working on the tile, I finally made the decision to bring that same look from the bump out into the bathroom. Of course, I could do this work myself. However, the angles on the shower wall make it so that I would need a table saw. And this chick is not a fan of table saws. The contractor’s quote was so reasonable, that I decided to have him install all the trim for me. I would do the finish work – caulk and paint.

So while I have more work for me to do in here, I think it will totally be worth it.


Wall Tile

Shower Floor Tile

Floor Tile: Polished

Grout for Shower: Color is Black

Grout for Floor: Color is Warm Gray








  1. Janet Lorusso

    How exciting! It’s looking great! I’ve been dreaming/planning my master bath makeover as well – hoping to get it on the to do list by next year!

    • Amie Druehl

      That’s so exciting! It is a big project for sure, but so worth it!

  2. Marina V.

    Just love seeing the process and before photos.

  3. Lisa A Peck

    What a beautiful remodel! That floor is gorgeous.

    • Amie Druehl

      Thanks! I was so excited to see that floor go in!

  4. Mary Ann Benoit

    It looks amazing so far! Love all the materials you selected.


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