It’s week four of the Spring One Room Challenge! Last week I left off with intentions to be refocused and a get-er-done mentality….but…then the weather here was so nice over the weekend that I spent time outside and with the family. My first priority {love}. The struggle is real after the rainy weather we have been having.



Catch up on previous weeks!

I did get several things taken care of that needed to be address behind the scenes though. So don’t you worry my friend. I was not lacking in effort!

I finally ventured out to select the fabric for the window treatment and the window seat cushion. I really needed to see and feel the fabrics. My older daughter came along as my chauffeur (she’s still waiting for our BMV to allow drivers skills test) and to help me make up my mind. I knew I was going to be limited to what was available in stock and that did prove to make things more difficult. I had to pivot a bit in what I was wanting, but in the end I think it’s going to be lovely.

Here’s the inspiration behind the look for her window seat.

window seat inspirationSource

I also ordered some accessories for the shelf and light fixtures for the window seat. I’m very excited to see these all come together!

These cute vintage bookends.

Butterfly bookendsEbay

And these lights.

window seat inspiration

Lastly, I tackled the wallpaper accent wall. Now let me preface this with the fact that I have only hung wallpaper one other time…in our powder room redo. I disliked much about the process, but as with most projects I tackle, the end result outweighs the trauma, and with time, I usually attempt it again.

And here we are hanging wallpaper once again. The process started out equally as dramatic as the first go around, but mostly because I get ahead of myself and forget steps. Like realigning the pattern before cutting the second strip! UGH. I made it work by pulling out my new skill of patching paper. Thank you YouTube.

Here’s the before. I know…shocking…a bare wall.

And here’s a little in process action.

Watercolor Branch Wallpaper

Did you see the boo boo?

And…seven hours later…yes SEVEN…I finished the wall. Admittedly I was taking my time and chatting with my girlfriend in California over Marco Polo between strips, but still. Please excuse the poor photo. It was dark outside.

It’s beautiful! And pulls the room together. It needed this feature with the neutral walls. The little one loves it and told me so over and over again. Oh my heart!

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