It’s reveal time! This has been the most interesting introduction to The One Room Challenge. Not only was it my first time participating, but the obstacles that were present during quarantine made for some extra special challenges. It was a roller coaster of emotions that almost made me drop out. But I was determined. And I’m so glad I stuck with it!  The little one is overjoyed with her new room and I am glad I can check this one off (well mostly).

As a reminder of where this room started…


Utter chaos. The goal was to calm the room down, by using neutral tones, and of course cleaning up the messes that had cumulated over the years.


You see how I said mostly done. If you’ll recall, I was attempting to close up the shelving under the window seat. But once I started the project, I realized it was not plumb. No bueno. I mulled it over for a few weeks and none of the things I tried seemed like they were going to work. So…I am waiting on a professional to fix it for me…and it just so happens that our contractor will be here next week to start another project and he said he would do it while he’s here. YES!

Let’s continue the tour.

 Night Stand | Pillows | Bedding | Lamp | Euro Pillows

I replaced her old night stand with one that had a drawer to contain all the items that she “needs” at bedtime. That drawer it going to make mom very very happy. I actually bought two of these night stands because I could not decide if I wanted one or two. They were in and out of stock, so when they came back in stock, I grabbed two just in case. And I am still undecided. The second one is still in the box. I like the idea of a second night stand to balance it out, but she insisted on keeping her desk, so I worry it will look too crowded if I add one on the right side.

So I am going to hold on to the second night stand and make up my mind soon.  I love this shot of the wallpaper wall and her cute new gallery wall.

 Desk (old) | Chair (similar) | Rolling Cart | Task Lamp | Bulletin Board

The gallery wall was a shop the house project. The only new item is the bulletin board. I thought it would be fun for her to have a place to display her art. She loves it. Something about seeing your art framed and displayed. She just lit up!

This last week of the challenge was all about the details and shopping what I have. The art I used for her mood board was too small for above her bed. So I repurposed an old sign and made my own version of the abstract art.



The main wall of her room…the wall you see first when you walk in, now looks like this. I love it!


It’s such a pretty view from the hallway. The addition of the shelving unit  was perfect to fill the space, balance out the book ledges on the opposite side of the window seat, and give needed storage for the books that used to be under the window seat…and to display some of her most loved items.

I took too many photos of the book shelf because I love it so much.

Sorry this one is wonky.

 Peace Hand | Butterfly Bookends | Butterfly Art

I added some whimsical touches for her with the vintage butterfly bookends and, her favorite, the peace sign hand.

And lastly, a few changes to her dresser. I added a mirror and some big girl accessories for her many jewels.

MirrorNecklace Stand | Jewelry Box

Such a cute corner of her room!

And lastly, lets not forget her window seat.

Wall Sconces | Pillows

She still enjoys hanging out on the window seat. So much so, that there are tale tale signs of a little one already. Going to have to wash that cover already!

And there you have it. Eight weeks of love poured into my little one’s room. I’m beyond ecstatic at how it came out. The look in her eyes when she walks into her room is just priceless. And gives me more joy than she will ever know. This is why I do what I do. And now I end the evening with a celebratory glass of wine. Cheers!

Don’t forget to head over to The One Room Challenge to see all the amazing reveals from both the Featured Designers and the Guest participants. I for one, am going to hunker down and enjoy peruse all the beautiful spaces. I’m so excited!

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